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Modern Era RPG Everyday Heroes Passes 1800% Kickstarter Funding

Everyday Heroes is a Kickstarter hit

Everyday Heroes (Evil Genius Games)Newcomers Evil Genius Games has a current Kickstarter to bring d20 Modern into the 2020s with Everyday Heroes. The RPG, built on the 5E SRD, not only tackle the modern era but will include a series of Cinematic Adventure supplements based on Hollywood franchises: Pacific Rim, Kong: Skull Island, Highlander, Escape from New York, The Crow, Universal Soldier, and Rambo. The Kickstarter has passed the 1800% funding mark and you can reserve a hardcover copy of the corebook (as well as the PDF and Roll20 digital module) for a $50.00 pledge or go the digital route for a $25.00 pledge through June 18th. Expected delivery of the digital rulebook is this November with the physical releases to follow next March and the Cinematic Adventures begin next May.

About the project:

Everyday Heroes – The spiritual successor to d20 Modern, now based on 5th edition (the most popular RPG system in the world) and set in eight amazing campaign settings based on the world’s most beloved movie franchises.

Twenty years ago, d20 Modern was launched and grew to become the most successful modern-day TTRPG in history. We brought back some of those original designers to create Everyday Heroes  – a 5th edition refresh of the historic d20 Modern. If you were a fan of d20 Modern, you’re not going to want to miss this upgrade. If you don’t know what d20 Modern was, then get ready to take the leap

In the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook, we provide everything you need to run a modern-day campaign. We have 18 classes, dozens of professions and backgrounds, and we have the gear. We have a new wealth system and rules for car chases. You’ll have everything you will need to design your own spy thriller, Navy SEAL rescue, or murder mystery.

But that’s not all. You can also step into one of our eight different Cinematic Adventures and play your own action hero within a blockbuster franchise. You can step into a Jaeger and fight kaiju. You can befriend Kong and fight terrible beasts on Skull Island. You can mow down rebellions alongside Rambo. Each Cinematic Adventure not only gives you an adventure set in the world of these movies, but also new 5e mechanics.

Cinematic Adventures are campaign settings that sit on top of the Everyday Heroes rules system. They are 100+ page digital books (hard copies can be ordered through the Pledge Manager) that have two parts.  Part one gives you new game mechanics that fit the theme of the property. Part two gives you a full adventure set within that world. There will be something for everyone. You can buy these one at a time, or purchase all 8 in our Season Pass of Adventure.

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