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Napoleon in Egypt Wargame is Added to the GMT Games P500 List

Napoleon in Egypt (GMT Games)A new Napoleonic card driven wargame is up for preorder on the GMT Games P500 list. Designed by Pascal Toupy and Tom Toupy-Durant, Napoleon in Egypt focuses on the General’s entire Middle-Eastern campaign. The game is for two players (or solitaire with the GMT Solo CDG expansion), ages 14+, plays in around 90 to 240 minutes, and can be preordered at the P500 price of $62.00 with an eventual MSRP of $89.00.

About the game:

“Think of it, soldiers; from the summit of these pyramids, forty centuries look down upon you.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

On July 1st, 1798, 35,000 French soldiers landed in Alexandria. This expeditionary force’s mission was many-fold: to find an alternative spice route through a foreseen Suez Canal, to settle yet another score with the British, to enlighten the population with ideals stemming from the recent French Revolution, and to discover what marvels and riches this fabled land of the 1001 Nights might hold. This was indeed an expedition where scientists walked alongside soldiers. Leading the French troops was also a young and ambitious general named Napoleon Bonaparte…

Napoleon in Egypt is a two-player, card-driven, operational wargame that allows you to recreate the French campaign in Egypt and Syria, from the landing of the French troops to the surrender of General Menou on August 31st, 1801. The game draws inspiration from other top-selling CDGs like Here I Stand and Twilight Struggle. A good and fast-playing introductory wargame thanks to its tight ruleset with few exceptions, the game will also please the veteran wargamers with 100 cards dripping with flavor, challenging players with the hand management every CDG fan has come to love!

Napoleon in Egypt comes with four scenarios:

  • The Conquest – Where the French surprise the Mamluks and sweep across Egypt (2 hours).
  • The Syrian Anabasis – Where the French offensive starts to lose steam as it has to face multiple fronts (2 hours).
  • The Fall – Where the French, weary from the fighting, adopt a defensive posture to face strong retaliation from the Mamluks, the Ottomans, and the British (2 hours).
  • The Campaign – Where players relive the highs and lows of the French expedition, from its landing to its bitter capitulation (5-6 hours).

Napoleon in Egypt Board (GMT Games)

Jeff McAleer

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