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Natalia’s Guide to Necromancy for 5E is Out in Print and PDF

A new 5E guide has arrived

Natalia's Guide to Necromancy (ChamomileHasAdventures)ChamomileHasAdventures has released a new ‘zine styled supplement for 5E D&D. Natalia’s Guide to Necromancy contains a new race, monsters, spells and more tailored to masters of the undead. The 39 page softcover zine, with PDF, is available at DriveThruRPG for $12.77 or grab the PDF alone for $4.99.

About the ‘zine:

Natalia’s Guide to Necromancy is a ‘zine-size (39 pages) 5e supplement of necromancers, vampires, and ghouls! With the guidance of Natalia Vlatla, your minion master necromancer will be able to reanimate large-size undead, command specters and wraiths, and sculpt their corporeal minions into deadly abominations with phalanges carved into razor sharp claws, bloated bellies swollen with acid that pop and cover nearby enemies when they’re slain, or ghastly extended limbs that allow them to tower twelve feet over the battlefield.

Take the new dhampir race to play as a mortal half-cursed with undeath, inheriting a few of your undead progenitor’s vampiric powers while still being able to stand the light of day, or embrace the thirst altogether and become a full-on vampire, attuning to your own awakened blood as though it were a magic item to unlock more and more vampiric powers: Hypnotism, transformation, preternatural physical and mental abilities, and more. But beware: Once you have embraced your stolen blood, you can never go back, and as your powers mount, so too will your weaknesses.

There’s more than one path to undeath. Return from the dead as a ghoul, and you will constantly search for living flesh to consume in order to prevent yourself from rotting away. But there are many rituals help make your self-preservation more manageable: Scoop your organs out into canopic jars, attach bolts to your temples and charge yourself with lightning, or just give yourself a terrible, unholy feast of a dozen or more fresh corpses and let that keep you ghoulishly perky for a few weeks.

And there’s more! Scythe-wielding Paladins of the Eternal Oath, curse-casting Necromancers of the School of the Reaper, new spells, new feats, action-oriented undead bosses, and all manner of undeath and terror!

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