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New Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society Volume One is Available in PDF

Mongoose has released the first issue of their new "old" magazine

The Traveller Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society (Mongoose Publishing)Fans of the Mongoose Publishing flavor of the science fiction roleplaying game Traveller will want to take note of the first issue of a classicly named magazine has arrived. In volume one of The Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society you’ll find a slew of new planets, starships, aliens, and more to incorporate into your adventuring in the Spinward Marshes. The 128 page PDF is available through DriveThruRPG for $14.99.

From Mongoose:

Welcome to the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, your indispensable guide to adventuring in the Far Future.

Each volume is a treasure trove of information and game additions for Traveller, including adventures, new ships, alien creatures from across Charted Space, philosophical musings on the big empires, histories, different takes on familiar equipment, new vehicles, characters to be met in starports, playable alien races, and much, much more…

Amongst the many articles in Volume One, you will find:

  • Burst Lasers, the midway turret weapon between Pulse and Beam Lasers
  • Guides to piracy and smuggling in the Spinward Marches
  • New variants of the trusty ATV that will get you across any rough ground
  • The Delphinus Starliner, to travel in absolute comfort
  • A look at the Two Thousand worlds of the K’kree
  • The Dynchia, fully playable humanoid aliens
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