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New Minis from WarGamma

James Hakola (AKA Mr. Dandy) informed me there are new WarGamma resin miniatures now available or just hitting preorder status. These look mighty interesting and you’ll want to get a closer look.

Arachnoid Mecha Terror

A calculating, evil intelligence is installed into a metal frame, fashioned after a gigantic walking crab.  Its deathly grin and cold, scanning eyes strike horror into the souls of the most hardened soldiers.

Features 4 hot-swappable forearms with durable joints, which are removable– and even reposeable!  The 6 legs may also be attached (permanently) in numerous positions for maximum posing options.

Model consists of 24 parts, plus custom 60mm round base and ample clear acrylic support rod for posing attached to base, or elevated (jumping, flying etc).  Model stands approx 2″ tall when affixed to base (or taller if mounted on acrylic rod).  Legspan is up to 3″+, depending on the pose.!

Pre-Order Price: $22

Beetloid Mecha Horde

BEGINS SHIPPING May 21 2012!  Preorder now!

A hungry mechanized wave of flying death beetles, devouring armies as crops before the locust.  Its ravenous appetite can only be quenched by stripping the battlefield clean!

Each horde includes 3 Beetloid models (2 flying and 1 with closed wings), 1 custom 40mm round base, and ample clear acrylic support rod for posing the models in flight.

Each Beetloid consists of 8 parts (closed wings version) or 10 parts (flying version).  Legs are ball-jointed for permanent assembly in a variety of poses. Beetloid’s leg-span is approx. 1 1/4″ (3 cm), depending on pose.

Pre-Order price: $10

Deadly Forest Fungi

Now Shipping

Gigantic spore trees, taller than a grown man!  Use for an exotic mushroom forest in an alien or fantasy terrain setting.  Set includes 6 fungus trees (ranging from 1 1/2″ to 2 3/4″ tall).

Available now! Price: $12




Brutal Giant Champion

BEGINS SHIPPING May 21 2012!  Preorder now!

A cruel titan looms over the battlefield.  His mind is twisted, and his body wracked by demonic influence.  He adorns his harness with heads plucked from the rabble of his lesser conquests– those he trampled underfoot, or felled with his mighty cleaver.  His long shadow is death.

Pre-Order price: $40.

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