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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

New Releases to Hit from Eagle and Gryphon

Just in time for the holidays, Eagle Games and Gryphon Games is releasing two new expansions (one for Defenders of the Realm and one for Railways of the World) and a reprint which should be available as of this writing.

Here’s the latest from the companies:

The Defenders of the Realm: Dragon Expansion allows players to increase or decrease the difficulty level of gameplay using variants and scenarios. I like this expansion because it gives the players a large number of options to tweak the game and create an experience that is effectively tailor made to what the players are looking for (harder, easier, more immersive, etc.) 
There are a lot of excellent components in this expansion: 3 beautifully painted dragons, new Hero & Darkness Spreads Decks, new bad guys! (4 Generals, 3 Agents of the Dark Lord and 4 Minions), King’s Champion Reward Cards, Fame Guide and over 80 Tokens and a 32 page Rulebook with several variants, scenarios and a story from the Realm. Playable in 120-180 minutes, 1-6 players, age 13 and up, MSRP $59.99 – Order from Funagain Games.

In case you were sleeping the first time through.
Defenders of the Realm is a fantasy board game in which 1-4 players, playing co-operatively, each take a role as one of the King’s Champions (Barbarian, Cleric, Dwarf, Eagle Rider, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, and Sorcerer). They heed the King’s call to defend the realm, which is under siege from the forces of Orc, Dragon, Undead, and Demon.
Your name will be mentioned in bards’ tales for years to come if you can strike down an enemy general, but recognize, brave champion, that there is no time to rest when a general is defeated. Word of a general’s defeat travels fast, and the remaining generals literally double their efforts and push even harder to achieve their goal…the capture and destruction of Monarch City! Playable in 90-120 minutes, 1-4 players, age 13 and up, MSRP $84.99 – Save 25% at Funagain and only pay $63.39!

Railways of the Western U.S. is an exciting new expansion for the highly popular Railways of the World board game series.  It is 1863 and the construction of the first transcontinental rail system has begun. This mechanized transportation network will take years to complete, but it will render obsolete the wagon trains of old, and revolutionize the economy of the West.
The Western U.S. expansion introduces the fuel depot, which facilitates staged, longer deliveries, and the city rotor, which creates cities with demands that vary as new goods are delivered.  This map is also designed to match up with the Eastern U.S. map…hmmm, maybe there is something we can do with that in the future. Playable in 120 minutes, 2-6 players, age 13 and up, MSRP $34.99 – $27.99 at Funagain!

What’s My Word? was first published in 1972 by Gamut of Games under the name “My Word”. This classic game has been called “the best two player word game ever invented” by more than one critic.
An easy-to-learn and challenging-to-play fast-moving game of word deduction, What’s My Word? is a two-person race to detect each other’s secret word by piecing together clue after clue. Great for travel. Play it anywhere. Playable in 45-60 minutes, 2 players, age 10 and up, MSRP $29.99 – $23.99 at Funagain!
Jeff McAleer

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