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Spelljammer at Dungeon Masters Guild

Defenders of the Realm

Legends of Andor
Fantasy Flight Games has a new fantasy co-op game on the horizon designed for two to four players. Details are a bit light but from a first read through of the available info it sounds a bit along the lines of Defenders of the Realm. FFG's Legends of Andor should be available later this year.Fro…
Here are four new Heroes with matching Character Cards (Adventurer, Assassin, Captain of the Guard and the Chaos Wizard) who have come to help defend Monarch City; each with special powers.…
Defenders of the Realm: The Dragon Expansion
Just in time for the holidays, Eagle Games and Gryphon Games is releasing two new expansions (one for Defenders of the Realm and one for Railways of the World) and a reprint which should be available as of this writing.…
A Fighter/Magic User Hybrid?
Currently in development is the heroes expansion for Eagle Games' excellent Defenders of the Realm and TGG has a first look at the prototypes of the miniatures to be included. The tentative name for the expansion is Defenders of the Realm: Heroes of Legend and rumor has it there may be a twist to th…
Defenders of the Realm from Eagle Games
Right now is offering Defenders of the Realm for only $$69.99 (funny, it was just $59.99 a couple days back) but it's still a nice savings over it's retail price of  $84.99. Defenders could turn out to be a contender for game of the year and this would be a great time to …
Defenders of the Realm Feat
Jeff reviews the fantasy game Defenders of the Realm from Eagle Games.…

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