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OSR RPG Hexcrawl Stories from the Slough is Available in Print and PDF

Score Stories from the Slough in hardcover

Stories from the Slough (Dapper Rabbit Games)An interesting looking OSR RPG hexcrawl is available in print and PDF from Dapper Rabbit Games. In Stories from the Slough, the players can explore nineteen hexes filled with a couple of dungeons, a village, monsters, and more! The 80 page hexcrawl and setting book is available in hardcover for $24.99 of in PDF for $5.99 at DriveThruRPG.

About the book:

Welcome to the festering swamp. The odd bog. The Seeping Slough. A weird swamp hex-crawl adventure that will have players exploring a dangerous location that contains two dungeons, a village, several unique characters, monsters, and whimsical filth.

This is an adventure for any fantasy or magical post-apocalyptic roleplaying game. Players can be any level from low to middle tier characters, but higher-level characters may find the bog just as fun to explore, albeit with less danger.

This project was created for Zine Quest 3 and as part of a stretch goal two companion zines. Slough: Beasts and Beauties and Slough: Survival Guide. 

What’s in the adventure?

  •  19 Hexes to explore: Each hex is a mile-wide stretch of swamp, and requires one hour to trudge through.
  •  2 Dungeons: Each takes only a page for the map, and a few pages for the content. A witches cabin larger on the inside, and a gaping wound that leads into the behemoth that rots under the swamp.
  • 6 Special NPC Stories: There are more than 6 characters in the adventure, but these six are special. They have their own story to explore, their own goals and quests, and really make the adventure feel alive.
  • Several factions: Factions ranging from the strange but peaceful villagers to blood worshiping cultists to followers of a plant god.

Physical Edition differences

The physical edition combines Stories from the Slough with Slough: Beasts and Beauties and Slough: Survival Guide. Beasts and beauties adds additional information for all of the monsters in the slough, while the survival guide adds an additional list of encounter tables.

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