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Parents Can Introduce RPG Adventure to the Little One’s with ‘Amazing Tales’

Amazing Tales Roleplaying GameA unique roleplaying game, which is focused on parents enjoying roleplaying fun with even the smallest children (ages four and up), is now available. Amazing Tales provides all the rules, and four adventure settings, perfect for play around the table or even while tucking your children into bed. You can score the PDF through DriveThruRPG for $6.16 or a hardcover and PDF combo for $19.71.

About Amazing Tales:

Amazing Tales, the roleplaying game for children aged four and up who love adventures is now available from DrivethruRPG in hardback and pdf versions. Amazing Tales has been developed and play-tested over a two year period. The game requires no preparation and is designed to be played by a parent together with one or two children. The game can be played as a tabletop, but is perfect for games snuggled up on the sofa or tucked up in bed.

Amazing Tales supports the way parents and children play games together. Only the adult needs to know the rules. There’s no preparation so you can play the moment your children want to, and it’s fast moving, so a whole adventure can be created in the time it takes to watch a cartoon.” – Martin Lloyd, designer of Amazing Tales

Amazing Tales includes 29 full colour pages of diverse and inspiring artwork. The artwork is intended to inspire kids to invent their own stories and create their own worlds.

“The lead illustration for the Deep Dark wood setting is the first scene from the first game I ever played with my daughter, more than four years ago. I hope publishing this game means other parents will have as much fun inventing stories with their kids as I have with mine.” – Martin Lloyd, designer of Amazing Tales

The 96 page large format hardback book Amazing Tales contains”

  • The short and simple Amazing Tales rules

  • Advice on gaming with children,  including tips for thrilling fights and advice on making magic amazing

  • 29 pages of full colour artwork

  • Four inspirational settings;

    • The Deep Dark Wood

    • Magical Kingdoms Long Ago

    • Pirate Seas

    • Adventures Beyond the Stars

  • Forty story seeds that can grow into amazing tales

While Amazing Tales comes with four suggested settings the game is completely flexible. Parents and kids are encouraged to make up their own worlds and to explore them together.

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