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Pathfinder and Starfinder October Releases from Paizo Inc

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A trio of major Pathfinder and Starfinder releases arrive next month from Paizo Inc. These are slated to arrive in stores October 18th.

About the October releases:

Starfinder Enhanced (Paizo Inc)Starfinder Enhanced

Enhance your Starfinder experience with this invaluable game resource covering all aspects of the Starfinder rules!

From totally revised fundamentals like core classes and starship combat to brand-new systems for expanding the way you play, this 192-page hardcover rules resource offers fresh ideas while still blending with the existing system. With Starfinder Enhanced at hand, you’ll be ready for the countless challenges of infinite space!

Starfinder Enhanced includes:

  • New versions of the envoy, solarian, technomancer, and witchwarper classes, all revised to make them more balanced and easier to play.
  • New class features and character options for every Starfinder class published to date!
  • New archetypes, spells, equipment, and over 90 new feats. Truly build the character you want!
  • Rules for scalable equipment, so you never have to trade-in your trusty sidearm ever again.
  • New subsystems for narrative starship combat, expanded creature companions, and new chances to spend Resolve Points for every character!
  • 12 playable species including fan favorites and entirely new options, from the shapeshifting kitsune to the tiny novians born from dying suns!

Hardcover MSRP $44.99/PDF $18.99.

Pathfinder Adventure Path #196: The Summer That Never Was (Paizo Inc)Pathfinder Adventure Path #196: The Summer That Never Was (Season of Ghosts 1 of 4)

The Season of Ghosts Adventure Path begins!

A terrible curse descends upon the town of Willowshore! Located in haunted Shenmen in the heart of the sprawling continent of Tian Xia, this horror-themed campaign pits the heroes against supernatural threats and the harsh realities of facing an upcoming winter when all contact with the outside world has been cut off by a mysterious wall of fog. What fiendish menace might be behind the Willowshore Curse, and can it be stopped before everyone in town is lost? The Season of Ghosts Adventure Path is a four-part series of connected adventures that form a complete Pathfinder campaign for characters of 1st to 12th level.

In the campaign’s opening adventure, the heroes awaken disoriented and alone in a forest clearing after taking part in a traditional festival on the last day of Spring. They soon discover their hometown of Willowshore has been invaded by monsters and has fallen under a sinister spell. Yet defeating the monsters is only the first step in discovering the frightening nature of a supernatural curse that has gripped the land, and as the days of a summer plagued with rain trudge on, the grim reality facing the people of Willowshore will need true heroes to confront!

The Summer That Never Was is a horror-themed Pathfinder adventure for four 1st-level characters. This adventure begins the Season of Ghosts Adventure Path, a four-part monthly campaign in which a group of adventurers fight to protect their home town from monsters and mysterious events that have isolated them from the rest of the world. This adventure also includes a detailed look at the small town of Willowshore, a selection of new magical items to discover, and several new monsters ready to bring a dose of fear to your table!

Softcover MSRP $26.99/PDF $19.99

Pathfinder: Rusthenge (Paizo Inc)Pathfinder Adventure: Rusthenge

Rusthenge is a deluxe Pathfinder adventure for 1st-level characters.

The ruins of Rusthenge have stood silent vigil over the southern coastline of Chakikoth Isle for eons, dating back to the era of the runelords of ancient Thassilon. The town of Iron Harbor was built in Rusthenge’s shadow, but now that New Thassilon has risen from the depths of the distant past, the old ruins are coming under unexpected scrutiny. Something sinister is afoot in Rusthenge, and it falls to a brand new band of adventurers to learn the truth of the ancient evil that stirs deep within its long-abandoned halls! This adventure also includes new items and character backgrounds, as well as a pair of new monsters tied to the region’s notorious history.

Softcover MSRP $24.99/PDF $19.99

Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Rusthenge

Bring your adventures near the town of Iron Harbor to life on your tabletop with this double-sided full-color Flip-Mat featuring two key encounter locations from the new introductory Pathfinder Second Edition adventure Rusthenge on either side! One side depicts a twisting coastline, while the other side shows the mysterious ruins of Rusthenge itself! Don’t waste your time sketching when you could be playing. With Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Rusthenge, you’ll be ready to introduce Pathfinder in style!

MSRP $16.99

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