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Practice Medicine in a Race Against Time in Rush M.D.

A unique looking medical game arrives in May

Rush M.D. (Artipia Games/Lucky Duck Games)This Spring will see an interesting looking medical game arrive from Artipia Games and Lucky Duck Games. In Rush M.D., players work together in a race against time to treat patients, in a variety of ways, with their doctors and nurses – which happen to be represented by sand timers. The game is for one to four players, ages 14+, plays in around 30-45 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $59.99 when it arrives in May.

About the game:

Rush M.D. is an innovative, real-time, cooperative board game that simulates the challenging and high-pressure nature of medical professions. A worker-placement mechanism, using hourglasses as workers allows, but also limits, players to perform a multitude of actions. Each player handles 1 Doctor hourglass running around the hospital, admitting patients, providing immediate medical care, performing different kinds of exams, and performing surgeries. Additionally, there are 4 more Nurse hourglasses, which can be used by all players. Nurses provide medicines to patients and supply all necessary drugs and equipment that you need to carry out all your exams and medical procedures. Any worker placed on an action space may not be used elsewhere before the sand within the hourglass runs out, making each decision important, as time is limited.

The game plays from 1–4 players and lasts for 4 rounds of 4 minutes each. That means you only have 16 minutes in total to treat various patients, overcome many difficulties and challenges, and manage to cooperate efficiently with your teammates, and combine your forces into helping as many of your patients as possible. This is a highly thematic experience that is equally rewarding for gamers and families and is filled with fun, challenges, and sharp decision making!

Rush M.D. Layout (Artipia Games/Lucky Duck Games)

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