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Pre-Kickstarter Offer for ‘SuperSystem 4th Edition’

Major MeteorMy pal Enrico Nardini, over at Play Unplugged, sent along some info about a Kickstarter project he’s involved with and a special offer prior to the SuperSystem 4th Edition superhero miniatures rules April launch.

From Play Unplugged:

There are some “major” goings on down at Four-Color Studios. A new edition of SuperSystem is prepared to leap a tall building and land on your gaming table. We want you to be part of our spectacular Kickstarter campaign, and signing up for Four-Color Studios mailing list is your first step to getting some fantastic rewards. Help us take the world’s most versatile superhero miniature game to the next level!

Sign-up to the Four-Color Studios mailing list in the month of March, and if you pledge at the Protector level or higher you will receive a Major Meteor miniature absolutely free.* This intergalactic guardian has clashed with the Alien Host on numerous occasions and has even landed on Warlord Karthoum’s assassination agenda for helping to thwart their invasion of Earth.

Four-Color Studios Mailing List: Sign-up here!

*Sign-ups must occur prior to the Kickstater launch at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on April 7th 2014 to be eligible for this offer. The backer must use the same email address and name as their account on Kickstarter and maintain a pledge at the Protector level or higher.

Jeff McAleer

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