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Renegade Game Studios Announce ‘The Tea Dragon Society’ Card Game for June

The Tea Dragon Society Card Game (Renegade Game Studios)The latest announced title in the Renegade Game Studios line up is one which will certainly appeal to players of all ages. In conjunction with Oni Press, The Tea Dragon Society card game will feature gameplay and artwork based on the Katie O’Neill graphic novel of friendly dragons. The game is for two to four players, ages 10+. plays in around 30-60 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $20.00 when it arrives in June.

From Renegade:

Discover the ancient art form of Tea Dragon care taking within this enchanting world of friendship and fantasy. Create a bond between yourself and your Tea Dragon that grows as you progress through the seasons creating memories to share forever.

Each player’s deck represents their own Tea Dragon. From turn to turn, players will choose to draw a card, triggering effects and strengthening their position, or buy a card, improving their deck or scoring points.

The game takes place over four seasons, starting in spring and ending in winter. At the end of winter, the player who has the most points is the winner.


  •  Based on the Oni Press graphic novel The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill.
  •  Beautifully illustrated with cute little dragons.
  •  Light card game with some deck building concepts.
  •  No hidden information makes it kid friendly.
  •  Competition for Market and Memory cards but no direct player on   player nastiness.
  •  Perfect for families.
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