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Road RallyFrom Mayfair Games Comes Road Rally USA, a card driven fast paced racing game.

“Finishing races is important, but racing is more important.” Dale Earnhardt


Race and maneuver to be in the proper position when scoring your checkpoints! Being first at the end of the race helps, but placing first at your scoring locations is even more important. Every turn someone could trigger a scoring point. Where will you be as you and your opponents control which checkpoints will score and which get bypassed?

It is impossible maintain the lead throughout the race. Each racer plays from identical draw decks, playing multiple cards of the same color to provide a boost of speed. Beware, you may only reshuffle your deck at gas stations along the way, and when your hand or draw pile are depleted, you are in for trouble. Race smart and bring home the gold!

Do you feel the need for speed?

If so, Road Rally USA has you covered! Simply pressing the accelerator is not enough- you must be efficient- managing your fuel and coming in first at your optimal checkpoints to maximize your score! So get behind the wheel of your powerful machine and roar down the tracks as you compete to run the best race and you will surely win!


• 1 Scoring Deck (21 cards)

• 5 Movement card Decks (21 Cards per deck)

• 10 Standard Track tiles

• 1 Finish Line Tile

• 1 Starting Line Tile

• 5 Player Aid with car images Card stock sheets

• 5 Wooden Cars

• 21 Scoring Chits (1-21)

• 6 Checkpoint Tiles

• 1 Last Place Player marker

• VP Tokens

• Rules Book

For 3-4 Players

Playing Time 90 + minutes

Designer: Carlo A. Rossi

Art: Richard Cochard

Road Rally USA is for ages 12 and up and will be available this March for $35.00 at a retailer near you


Elliott Miller

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