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Score Epic Savings with a Legendary Games Bundle of Holding

Take your 5E players on epic adventures with a new Bundle of Holding

Latin American Monsters (Legendary Games)Bundle of Holding is offering a money saving offer aimed at high level 5E Dungeons & Dragons adventures. The Legendary Epic Monsters bundle features ten gaming products from Legendary Games. You can jump aboard for $12.95 or go all in for the entire collection of ten PDFs for the current threshold price of $25.05. These savings run through August 15th and ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) will be donated to this Legendary Epic Monsters offer’s pandemic-related charity, Direct Relief.

About the bundle:

Adventurer! This all-new Legendary Epic Monsters Bundle presents Epic-level Fifth Edition tabletop roleplaying game ebooks from Legendary Games. Lift your Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition characters to 21st level and beyond with these ambitious supplements, bestiaries, and adventures. The scenarios include pregenerated Epic-level player characters so you can hit the Outer Planes running. (Flying, teleporting, etc.)

For just US$12.95 you get all three complete Fifth Edition monster manuals in our Monster Collection (retail value $50) as DRM-free ebooks, including Sea Monsters, Mythos Monsters, and Latin American Monsters.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $25.05, you’ll level up and also get our entire Epic Collection with seven more Fifth Edition titles worth an additional $61, including Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E and Epic Treasures, three high-level adventures (Epic Depths, Heart of War, and Forgotten Crowns), and the Sea Monsters and Mythos Monsters VTT Token Packs for virtual tabletops.

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