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Secrets of Dorastor Gloranthan Campaign Pack is Now Available

A new release has arrived from the Jonstown Compendium

Secrets of Doraster (Chaosium Inc)A new campaign pack has arrived from the Jonstown Compendium and Chaosium Inc. Secrets of Doraster delves into one of the most dangerous regions of Glorantha with information about the people, places, and creatures adventurers will surely encounter. The 259 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $25.00.

About the book:

Secrets of Dorastor is a campaign pack set in the fabled land of Dorastor, in Greg Stafford’s Glorantha.

Inside you will find:

  • A gazetteer of over one hundred places, with a map of Dorastor and nearby areas and maps of key places in Dorastor
  • Descriptions of forty personalities, both of Dorastor and the surrounding Borderlands
  • 25 types of Monster, of animal, vegetable and mineral types
  • Write-ups of 9 Organizations
  • RuneQuest write-ups of 8 Cults, including adapting the cult of Humakt to Dorastor
  • New abilities for Illuminates and a description of Illumination and its various Schools
  • 15 Magic Items
  • Encounter Tables of all the important areas of Dorastor
  • Sample Campaign and Scenario Hooks
  • Extended RuneQuest rules for High Level Adventurers
  • Tips for playing High Level Adventurers and NPCs

Based on the write-up of our Dorastor Campaign, with a great deal of extra material, this covers the land and people of Dorastor and its Borderlands.

WARNING: Dorastor is the most horrible part of Glorantha, a cursed land full of terrors.
Secrets of Dorastor deals with extreme horror, with topics including violence, cannibalism, seduction, forced matings, ritual sacrifice and the liberal use of acid.

Please do not purchase this if these themes might cause offense.

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