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Skirmish Sangin Tackles the Afghan Conflict

Skirmish SanginModern miniature gamers take note Skirmish Sangin is now available from Radio Dish Dash Publishing. Skirmish Sangin is a new set of skirmish rules designed specifically for the Afghan conflict.

Playing at an individual figure level, players get to feel the intensity of adrenaline fueled modern warfare, while still dealing with the responsibility of command.

The rules are simple to learn, with games playable with a single squad a side, up to platoon level games.

The system focuses on a narrative wargame where realism and playability are melded together to provide great gaming stories to share with your friends once the smoke has cleared. Or, I suppose the figures and terrain have been stashed and the dice have cooled.

The PDF download of the 172 page rules are available for $15NZ while the printed book can be had for $50NZ.

Jeff McAleer

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