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Solo Adventure Card Game The Dead Eye Arrives This Month

Pleasant Company has a new game hitting shortly

The Dead Eye (Pleasant Company Games)Hitting stores later this month is a solitaire, science fiction, adventure card game from Pleasant Company Games. In The Dead Eye, designed by Simon McGregor, the player has crash landed and must make their way across a hostile planet while trying to make an escape. The game is for one player, ages 8+, plays in around 10 to 30 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $35.00 when it hits stores. And… Yes… The cards are 3-D.

About the game:

Assume the role of a lone thermo-bandit downed on a hostile backwater planet. Your mission? Find the next safe haven before you lose all hope and strength… and maybe, just maybe, find a way off of this desolate rock.

Cards in The Dead Eye represent Encounters that can have one of two Outcomes: Good or Bad. A Bad Outcome is triggered by a buildup of dangerous Heat while a Good Outcome is triggered by a buildup of valuable Juice. Your starting Draw Deck includes 6 cards with Juice and 6 cards with Heat. As you play through the deck, some of these cards will raise your Heat and Juice levels, while at other times the cards will be used as the Encounter itself.

Face dangerous Encounters, salvage useful Parts and reach safe Haven.

This Deluxe Edition includes a slipcase, behind-the-scenes development book, prelude comic book, rule-book, 1-fold double-sided game board, 2 pairs of stereoscopic-3D glasses, 1 pair of “hook-behind” 3D stereoscopic glasses and 54 unique cards.

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