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Space Empires: All Good Things Makes the P500 Cut for GMT Games

Space Empires: All Good Things P500 (GMT Games)Jim Crohn’s Space Empires will be receiving a final expansion from GMT Games. All Good Things will feature the addition of a sixth player (or seventh if you’re using the Replicators expansion) as well as new missions, crew cards, facilities, and more. You can reserve a copy of Space Empires: All Good Things right now for the P500 price of $65.00 with an expected MSRP of $95.00.

From GMT:

Space Empires: All Good Things is the Third and Final Expansion in the Space Empires series. It is designed to complete the game and add even more replayability and options. Note that this expansion contains NO Board. Ownership of the original game, Space Empires: 4X, is required to play. Ownership of Space Empires: Close Encounters and Space Empires: Replicators is recommended. 


Combined Rule Book, Combined Competitive Scenario Book, and Combined Solo/Co-op Scenario Book: Since this is the final expansion, all the rules and scenarios over the four different games will be compiled in one place.
Solo and Co-Op: Refined solo and co-op rules.
A New, Alternate Empire (two copies): Not as different as the Replicators, it has the same economics as a base empire, but some of the ship classes have different stats and abilities. Some of the ship classes are also completely replaced with new classes.  
  • Allows you to play Space Empires as a 6-player game without Replicators or a 7-player game with them.
  • Even in a 2-player game, you can now play it 5 different ways.  
  • Base Empire vs Base Empire
  • Base Empire vs New Empire
  • Base Empire vs Replicators
  • New Empire vs New Empire
  • New Empire vs Replicators

Variable, but balanced home systems: Everyone has the same home system for balance reasons. However, you will never know for sure exactly what will be in your home system from game to game.

Scenario Cards: 30 or so cards, and 1 or 2 could be flipped to change the overall galaxy conditions for the game. A couple of these are from the scenario book, but most are new.

Missions: Missions are Resource Cards that can’t just be played but require you to complete something on the map to gain a larger benefit. More work, but more reward.

Deep Space Planetary Attributes: The NPA planets in deep space will now have a bit of personality. Some will be harder or easier to take. Some will really be worth fighting over as they will have different abilities and bonuses.

Crew Cards: Notable crewmen that bring bonuses will be on some of your ships. Sometimes they benefit just one ship, sometimes a group, and sometimes a fleet.

Facilities Game: Two new facilities will be added to complete the facilities game.

Much, Much More: extra cards of every type, Starbases, Defense Satellites, Cyber Armor, New Terrain types, additional terrain to support larger scenarios, a 4″ box to give you more storage options, and more! 

Jeff McAleer

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