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A First Look at the Heroes Expansion Minis for Defenders of the Realm

Currently in development is the heroes expansion for Eagle Games’ excellent Defenders of the Realm and TGG has a first look at the prototypes of the miniatures to be included. The tentative name for the expansion is Defenders of the Realm: Heroes of Legend and rumor has it there may be a twist to the expansion where it takes place five years prior to the events in DotR; at this point the details are very sketchy.

Here are the preproduction mockups for each achetype, although what each may be is still open to some debate.

Possibly an Assassin Type Character?
A Sorceress Perhaps?
A Fighter Type for the Most Part?
A Fighter/Magic User Hybrid?
An Offensively Geared Mage?

A Shaman/Healer Character?

Once we have more on the Defenders of the Realm expansion we’ll bring it to you ASAP!

All photos courtesy of FRED Distribution

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