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The Chicago Folios have Arrived for Vampire The Masquerade 5E

A new release for VtM 5E is available in PDF

Vampire The Masquerade 5E: The Chicago Folios (Onyx Path PublishingA new release for Vampire The Masquerade 5E has arrived from Onyx Path Publishing. The Chicago Folios provide a slew of adventure hooks and detailed Kindred sure to spice up any VtM chronicle. The 177 page PDF is available from DriveThruRPG for $14.99.

From Onyx Path:

A city as large as Chicago requires more than a surface study to find out its secrets.

Princes, Primogen, and all those other Kindred with titles and notoriety may claim to uphold the Masquerade, but they delight in the undead fame and status. There are others, well-hidden, with deeper secrets, darker ambitions, and elusive sects buried in Chicago and its surrounding towns and cities.

Chicago contains sufficient stories and mysteries to entice any neonate and bewitch any Kindred scholar. From accounts of clandestine meetings to encounters with horrific beasts, these folios provide a deeper insight into the city’s darkest tales.

The Chicago Folios put any vampire reading them in danger, but through that danger, the possibility of enlightenment.

The Chicago Folios include:

  • Accounts of vampire mysteries in the heartland of America, spanning the activities of Camarilla, Anarch, Independent, and other, even more terrifying Kindred.
  • Dozens of chronicle hooks laid out in a way that any Storyteller, new or old, might use them to start a new chronicle of Vampire: The Masquerade or add fresh content to an existing one.
  • Over 20 individual Kindred with biographies, aspirations, secrets, connections, and purpose for inclusion in any chronicle, whether as antagonists, a supporting cast, or inspiration for playable characters.
  • Loresheets for new vampires introduced in this book and chronicle threads from the Vampire: The Masquerade metaplot.
  • New Blood Sorcery rituals, handling the Thaumaturgical powers devised in the domains of Chicago and Milwaukee.
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