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The Forsaken Bog for 5E is Available in PDF

The Forsaken Bog (CZRPG)An interesting looking 5E supplement is available, from CZRPG, in PDF. The Forsaken Bog presents an adventure area, a trio of encounters, maps, and more. You can score the 19 page PDF at DriveThruRPG for $5.99.

About the supplement:

The Forsaken Bog is a 5e supplement which aims to help you save prep time and impress your players.

This product offers you a ready-to-use location, which you can drop in any setting, along with detailed encounters that can become an daventure. All of this supported by maps, to complement your game without the need to prepare. 

The Forsaken Bog was once a beautiful forest which wasw corrupted by a forgotten dark entity that was found by a young girl. She later became a bog witch, and now she runs an orphanage in the bog, using the children to turn them into wood-monsters, which the entity feeds upon their souls. Can your party bring peace and save the kids? 

Here’s a summary of what you get in this product:

  • 19-pages PDF gorgeously laid out with amazing artwork
  • 1 location with lore
  • 3 detailed encounters that can become an adventure (4-6h of gameplay)
  • 3 new stat block
  • 1 custom artwork
  • 3 battlemaps with ~35 versions (night, rain, etc)
  • 1 regional map

This content was part of August’s content for CZRPG’s Patreon, and the maps were done by Jeremy Kimberling, from MimicMaps.

Jeff McAleer

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