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The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences Expansion Arrives in April

Artipia and Stronghold team for a new expansion

The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences (Artipia Games/Stronghold Games)The first expansion for The Pursuit of Happiness is on the near horizon from Artipia Games and Stronghold Games. The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences adds new locations and events to add to the mix as well as the concept of dreams to the game. The core board game is for one to four players, ages 12+, and plays in around an hour to 90 minutes. This expansion will carry an MSRP of $34.95 when it arrives April 8th.

From Stronghold:

In The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences expansion, you visit popular destinations and events around the world. It comes with a new Experiences board for use with the new cards in the Experiences deck. And now you can dream of the things you want to do in the future—the new Dream boards allow you to store cards of any type and fulfill them later in the game. You also get to have kids. Kids bring joy to your life but also require big sacrifices! Finally, this expansion introduces Service cards for use in the Item–Activities deck.

Who says life is short? Life is as big as you want it to be! Every day we get to dream of the stuff we would like to do, places we would like to visit, things we would like to experience.

From the crazy carnival of Rio, to a romantic dinner under the Eiffel tower, to a tour on Liberty island in New York. All you need to do is dream, desire and if you are determined, those experiences will eventually become a reality.

Are you ready to begin your journey? Pack your bags and let’s go!

The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences expansion introduces the concept of dreams. This new mechanism allows players to store cards of any type on their “dream” board, in order to make them a reality later in the game. The expansion also includes a new board to place the new Experience cards and features new actions. Within the Experiences deck, players will find a wide variety of trips and events around the world.

Players also get to have kids, meet new partners, and order services bringing their games to the next level.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences Expansion (Artipia Games/Stronghold Games)

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