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Tomorrow’s War, Today!

Coming soon from Osprey Publishing and Ambush Alley Games is Tomorrow’s War, a Sci-Fi vision of combat in the future.  It is a miniatures game, so no need to get out your life size replicas of Robby the Robot.  The rules are due out October 18th.  Can’t wait to try them out.  Here is all the info:

“When I was young I watched all the science fiction shows. They always had the aliens come down with these amazing guns and ships. The poor Earthlings always had to win by luck or pluck because they were completely outclassed. I always fantasized about fighting aliens someday. Then I saw the American grav tanks drop on Oaxaca. They burned down through the atmosphere and we began to see Brazilian tanks explode in their revetments around the city. The Yankee tanks were killing them before they had even touched down. I saw grav APCs swoop in and soldiers literally fly out of them, firing as they floated to the ground like angry angels. The thought struck me then: I’m in a war with aliens. Thank God we’re on the same side!”
-Lt. Col. Carlos
Carranza, 3rd Infantry Division, Army of Mexico.

On October 18th Osprey Publishing and Ambush Alley Games will release Tomorrow’s War, a science-fiction miniatures game. Much like Force on Force does for the modern era, Tomorrow’s War paints a more realistic vision of future combat than any other science-fiction minis game on the market. Rather than focus on space opera or science fantasy, Tomorrow’s War homes in on “hard” military science fiction that projects actual military tactics and technological advancements into the near to mid future. Like Force on Force before it, Tomorrow’s War is fast playing game that keeps all players actively involved throughout the turn. Attention has been lavished on critical subjects such as the net-centric battlefield, cyber-warfare, variations in tech level, hostile environments, interface assaults, aliens, robots, cyborgs, and, of course, futuristic armor and weaponry. The game avoids the pitfall of becoming a contest between “special powers,” though, and keeps its focus on troop quality, morale, and leadership. Solid tactics rather than the most recent army list are the best path to victory in Tomorrow’s War! While a background setting and example forces are included in Tomorrow’s War, the rules themselves can be used with any setting and figures of any scale.

Tomorrow’s War will be available at the Ambush Alley Games website and the Osprey website as well as major book retailers and your FLGS.

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