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Torn Armor Successfully Funds; Eyes November Release

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Torn Armor LogoAs many titles get lost in the glut of Kickstarter projects constantly jockeying for attention, one which may have flown under your radar is the Torn Armor board game. Developed by Torn World, with assists by Reaper Miniatures and Fat Dragon Games, Torn Armor pits two to four players in fast playing (and even faster to set up) fantasy miniatures battles. The project has achieved it’s funding but there’s still nearly a week to get in on the action and the publicly stated release is slated for November!

From Torn World:

Torn Armor is a fantasy squad-based tactical board game for 2-4 players. Based in the mythical world of “Torn,” it features a rich lore and opposing sides with distinct personalities, abilities and play styles.

Torn Armor features anthropomorphic creatures such as cat, mouse, monkey, and rhino-headed creatures in their desperate defense of their homeland against the Spartan-like “Sisk” invader.

Each side if beautifully brought to life through expertly crafted miniatures, ranging from the 20mm “Mu” (mice-men), through to the lumbering war golems that tower a spectacular 60mm on the game board.

What was the inspiration behind creating the game?

There were a few reasons. Firstly, we wanted to bring a low-cost, quick to set-up and play, fantasy skirmish game to market. We wanted to include factions that have something for everyone, and game rules that allow for each player to express his or her personality through the units, heroes, and avatars that they choose.

Secondly we wanted a unique platform through which to share the Torn World, its history, lore, races, and people. Rather than do this through a book, table-top games, or a computer game, we felt that a boardgame would be a great way to reach players, and then have them ask for more when they like what they see!

What makes this game different from other games on the market right now?

Current games require vast amounts of financial set-up, hours upon hours to play, large playing areas, and can get bogged down in rules. We want something that has a broader appeal and fits the modern world. We wanted a game with a cash-friendly entry-point (with expansions for those who desire them), light rules, quick setup, lightning fast play, and no chance of having your chosen faction suddenly made obsolete through a new unit type or rule change.

Torn Armor is not only easy to get a hold of rules-wise, but it has great customization and variety through the multiple factions (each of which has its own personality, feel, and game-play style), as well as the addition of spell cards, magical item cards, hero units, and avatar units. All of these factors mean that no two games are alike.

This is also a game that can be played between two to four players, vs. the usual “two” found in other systems. That alone broadens the potential appeal.

Who do you hope to reach with this game?

Boardgamers, wargamers, table-top roleplayers, and new prospective players who may have an interest in the anthropomorphic races, huge hulking golems, or ranks of Greek-inspired phalanxes.

We aim for a broad age range of players, from young to old adults!

What will you get in the Torn Armor Core Set?

The core boxed-set includes:

  • 39 highly-detailed miniatures sculpted to the highest standards
  • Full color rule book
  • Full color scenario book
  • 4 double-sided color battle posters
  • 8 Magical Item cards
  • 8 Spell cards
  • 25 dice of 5 different colors

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