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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Unboxing and First Look at Gloomhaven on The Gaming Gang Dispatch #723

Jeff cracks open the massive Gloomhaven box for a first look at the popular fantasy game. In Gloomhaven, from Cephlofair Games, players take on the roles of wandering adventurers clearing out dungeons and forgotten ruins. The game is for one to four players, ages 14+, plays in one to two hours, and carries an MSRP of $140.00. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news from Mongoose Publishing, Bundle of Holding, Paizo Inc, Osprey Games, Nerdlab Games, and more!

07:50 Tabletop gaming news of the day
32:30 Black Friday and Cybr Monday deals, Paizo might be leaning away from PDFs, and more pontificating
42:30 Diving into Gloomhaven
1:23:00 Wrapping up

Jeff McAleer

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