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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Night Parade is Out in PDF

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Night Parade (Cubicle 7 Entertainment)A new undead themed release has arrived for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay from Cubicle 7 Entertainment. In The Night Parade, gamemasters will find a slew of stats, NPCs, and adventure hooks to bring the feared Corpse Carts into their WFRP games. The 21 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $3.99.

About the supplement:

Along the Empire’s roads, the dead walk. Called from their slumber by a necromancer’s profane whispers, or buried where dark magic saturates the ground, these Undead march without rest, adding to their number with each hapless soul they cross. Whether such bands move with a purpose or wander aimlessly, they often find themselves the centre of folk tales. Many a terrified tavern audience has gathered around the fire to hear stories of wild hunts, ghostly processions, and corpse-laden carts come to carry away the unwary. Of these, one story has risen to prominence. If you wander through the fertile lands between the Grey Mountains and the Reikwald Forest, listen always for the sounds of creaking wheels and a tolling bell. Do not wait to ask the carriage for a lift. Hide. Cover your ears. And whatever you do, do not follow where the bell leads. The Night Parade are calling.

The Night Parade are a band of wandering Undead, drawn together by the ancient Liche, Old Jasper. Setting out from the Grey Mountains when both moons shine as crescents, he leads his charges through the Vorbergland, calling the dead to him wherever they go. There appears to be little rhyme or reason to the Night Parade’s journeys. Yet, each time they are sighted, their numbers are sure to grow.

Alongside full profiles for personalities such as Old Jasper and his Wight Lieutenants are templates to advance the basic Undead creatures found in the Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook, turning them into Liche Corpsemasters, Liche Lords, Wights, Wight Champions, and Mass Grave Dead, as well as templates to raise mounts as Undead steeds. The Night Parade also includes full rules and adventure hooks for including Corpse Carts in your games.

Jeff McAleer

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