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WILD: Serengeti Arrives in June

The wildlife documentary game WILD: Serengeti hits stores in June

WILD Serengeti (Bad Comet Games)Arriving in stores next month is WILD: Serengeti from Bad Comet Games. In the game, players will compete to produce film footage in order to create the best Serengeti wildlife documentary. WILD: Serengeti is for one to four players, ages 14+, plays in around 45 to 120 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $59.99 when it arrives in June.

About the game:

WILD: Serengeti is a board game inspired by the endless plains of the Serengeti. This game combines the joy of puzzle-solving with elements of set-collection and engine-building to create a deep and unique strategic experience. The mesmerizing artwork, 3D components and detailed animeeples will guide you straight into the vivid and breathtaking wilds of the Serengeti.

In order to gain victory points, the player must complete Scene Cards by placing the animals on the Main Board in the same pattern as shown on the cards.

To achieve the pattern shown on the Scene Cards, players perform actions to either place or move animals on the Main Board. When animals are placed on the Main Board in the same pattern as displayed on the Scene Card, the scene can be completed. When completing Scene Cards the player receives ‘Icons’ or ‘Rewards’. With Rewards, players can earn points or different resources, and with Icons, gain continuous benefits throughout the game.

WILD: Serengeti Layout (Bad Comet Games)

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