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Cartoon Network

Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced two new games based on the animated Cartoon Network Adult Swim series Rick and Morty.…
Cryptozoic Entertainment will release a two player card game this November based on an episode of the popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time; interestingly enough the game, Adventure Time Card Wars, isn't based on the entire series but only the titular episode. The game will recreate the epic…
After waiting two years for the latest episodic craziness of The Venture Brothers, on Adult Swim, season five is right on the horizon. Scheduled for a May 19th Midnight premiere on Cartoon Network, the new season brings back plenty of fan favs as well as new characters into the mix. Thankfully, CN h…
In what may be a stunning development for fans of Star Wars: Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, Lucasfilm Animation announced today the series would not be returning for a sixth season. For many this is a surprise move as Clone Wars has gained more momentum from a lackluster start during its first seaso…
Some folks didn't think there would be this much life in the series when it first debuted, but Star Wars: Clone Wars is set to air it's 100th episode tomorrow on Cartoon Network. The episode, Missing in Action, focuses on a Republic commando not sure of who he may be. You can catch Mission in Action…
There is a new CCG on the market. It is called Redakai, and it had it's launch party last weekend at game stores across the country. The game also has a animated series on Cartoon Network, which I believe is now a pre-requisite for anime CCG's.…

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