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Spelljammer at Dungeon Masters Guild

Crash Games

Pay Dirt
You might think the title Pay Dirt leads you to believe this is a football game but the reality is the latest game from Crash Games is a Tory Niemann (of Alien Frontiers fame) design in which two to four players look to build the biggest and best Alaskan mining company in a limited period of time. T…
Arizona's very own Crash Games is finishing up a successful Kickstarter run on their latest title, Council of Verona. Based on the classic Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, Council of Verona pits three to five players against each other as they vie for control of the city. The game is well over 200…
Crash Games
Local Arizona game publishers Crash Games have announced two games already in their pipeline for 2013. Both Paradise Fallen: The Card Game and Paydirt will hit Kickstarter sometime in the first half of next year. I'm not sure why Paradise Fallen has the additional moniker of "The Card Game" since th…
Michael Coe and Patrick Nickell, join me to discuss all things Crash Games including the successfully Kickstarted Rise!, as well as upcoming titles Legend of the Lost Dutchman and Lords, Ladies, and Lizards. Crash Games is located right here in the Phoenix valley so swing by their website and see wh…
Successfully Kickstartered, Rise! is a new two player strategy game for the whole family which can now be preordered from Crash Games. I believe Rise! may also be a Game Salute exclusive so you might want to pop over to take a peek.From Crash Games:In Rise! you must build three towers before…
Jeff is back and it's time for the latest from Crash Games, Wattsalpoag Games, Fantasy Flight Games, GMT, Victory Point Games, ConSimWorld, Red Wasp Design, and more!Download the news to take on the go right here.And don't forget, The Gaming Gang podcast and The Daily Dope are available …

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