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Neil Gaiman

NYPL Neil Gaiman A Christmas Carol Reading (New York Public Library)
I know this recording has floated around the net for a couple years but thought, with the unseasonably warm December weather we're experiencing here in the States, some folks might appreciate a nice jolt of holiday cheer.…
Vampirella and Evil Ernie are back as each gets a brand new series this week from Dynamite and you'll certainly want to get your hands on Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation since it's hitting in a special hardcover.…
Ever since Neil Gaiman truly burst onto the scene with his wondrous creation (or I suppose officially we should call it reimagining) of The Sandman...…
I'm always surprised how I run across things online which I'm not necessarily looking to find; one link leads to another which leads to another and so on. Somehow early this morning I stumbled across the fact my favorite H.P. Lovecraft documentary is available, in it's entirety, on YouTube. It's pro…

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