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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

The Design Mechanism

Mythic Polynesia feat
Mythic Polynesia contains loads of material to bring the the Great Ocean and Oceanian cultures into your Mythras roleplaying adventures.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch EP 850
Jeff sits down to take a look at Epic Encounters: Cove of the Dragon Turtle and Epic Encounters: Island of the Crab Archon from Steamforged Games.…
Mythic Babylon (The Design Mechanism)
Mythic Babylon contains everything you'd need to bring roleplaying adventure to the ancient lands of Sumer, Akkad, and Subartu.…
TGGD 672 Feat
Jeff takes a first look and pages through the Amazing Heroes roleplaying game from Martin Lloyd. Plus the latest gaming news.…
Casting the Runes
Casting the Runes is a new roleplaying game from The Design Mechanism inspired by the ghost stories of M.R. James.…
TGGD 606
Jeff brings you a fresh batch of latest tabletop gaming news from Paizo Inc, KOSMOS, Pinnacle Entertainment, Mork Borg, Ludonova, The Design Mechanism, and more.…
Mythras Fioracitta (The Design Mechanism)
Mythras Fioracitta provides everything game masters will need to transport their players to adventures within the provincial capital.…
Lyonesse - Fantasy Roleplaying Based on the Novels by Jack Vance (Design Mechanism)
In Lyonesse, you can embark on adventures as a knight, a wizard, a spy, a merchant, or whatever your imagination desires in Jack Vance's world.…
The tabletop gaming news format returns as Jeff brings you the latest from The OP, Black Box Adventures, Bundle of Holding, WizKids, Pelgrane Press, The Design Mechanism, and more!…
Mythras (The Design Mechanism)
The well received Mythras fantasy roleplaying game (otherwise known as Runequest Sixth Edition) is currently being offered at big savings through The Design Mechanism and Bundle of Holding.…
After the Vampire Wars (The Design Mechanism)
In After the Vampire Wars players can play as the creatures of the night as they prowl today's world.…
Jeff reviews the light, SF train robbing game Rail Raiders Infinite from Soda Pop Miniatures. Plus the latest gaming/geek culture news.…

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