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Dragonlance at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle Red Sea feat
The latest in the Lunchtime Series, Twilight Struggle: Red Sea – Conflict in the Horn of Africa, is arriving in stores from GMT Games.…
Imperial Struggle Board (GMT Games)
Imperial Struggle focuses on the nearly one hundred year conflict between England and France throughout most of the 18th century.…
Jeff takes a first look at the Twilight Struggle: Turn Zero expansion as well as additional promo cards and the optional space race tracker for the hit Cold War board game from GMT Games.…
A double dose of GMT Games goodness as Jeff looks at the new expansion for Wing Leader, Blitz 1939-1942, and shows you how to play the fantastic Twilight Struggle. Plus the latest gaming/geek culture news.…
Playdek Logo
Shyla Schofield spent some time with me at Gen Con talking about the current offerings from Playdek as well as the developments on their eagerly anticipated port of Twilight Struggle, from GMT, and their first original IP Unsung Story. Listen in as Shyla provides more info on the tournament system w…
As you may have heard on our latest show, Elliott and I shared some ideas for last minute gift ideas for the gamers in your life. So without further ado here's a selection of titles we feel nearly any gamer of various stripes should have on their shelf (or in their stocking)...Small Wo…
Twilight Struggle
GMT Games is still accepting pre-orders for their PC edition of Twilight Struggle, the best Cold War boardgame I've ever played. There are over 500 pre-orders to date, with the game due to be released this fall.Until that happens, you can still get the pre-order price of $30.00.Game Features: …
1989: Dawn of Freedom (GMT Games)
Our friends at GMT will be hosting a live demo of one of my favorite games this year, 1989: Dawn of Freedom on Monday June 11th. If you've been wondering how 1989 is different than Twilight Struggle or what mechanics it shares with our top rated game, you'll want to tune in and find out!From GMT…
Normally we don't cover computer, console, or app games unless they're a direct port of a table top game. That said, the PC version of Twilight Struggle is in the works at GMT and here's a look at what's currently being done. Obviously this is still early in the process but I can say I'm certainly a…
GMT’s Sekigahara – the block based fog of war game simulating the war of Japanese unification - is sold out. All gone folks! No word on if, or when GMT, will issue another print run so if you have an opportunity to pick it up online or at a local store you just may want to strike while the iron’s ho…
GMT Games is in final development for 1989 Dawn of Freedom. This game is about the collapse of the Soviet Empire with mechanics similar to Twilight Struggle, but rumored to be even better.…
I can happily announce two of our highest rated games here on TGG, Twilight Struggle and Labyrinth: The War on Terror 2001 - ?  will be returning to store shelves later this month. GMT has issued reprints of both titles and they should be shipping out right around October 18th. This means you s…
Twilight Struggle Box Cover (GMT Games)
Jeff shares his thoughts about the award winning hit Cold War game Twilight Struggle.…
The Epic Sized Battle for Normandy
Let's pick right up from where we left off with my interview with GMT's Tony Curtis...Jeff McAleer: Twilight Struggle is a fabulous game and is almost always in the top five over on Board Game Geek - I believe it's currently number three. I know the recent Washington's War uses somewhatly simil…
GMT Games announced that they have begun working with programmers to develop computer versions of their popular games Twilight Struggle and Labyrinth.…
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