7 Best Gambling Related Mangas

You might not know, but Japan is known for many unique and odd things, one of which is manga.
Dungeons & Dragons: Art and Arcana (Ten Speed Press)

‘Dungeons & Dragons: Art and Arcana’ Hits Stores This Fall

An interesting art book which draws from the history of D&D will arrive from Ten Speed Press this Fall.

Download the Newest Issue of ‘Figure Painter Magazine’

Miniatures gamers and painters who are looking for tips and tricks, and maybe a little inspiration, will want to check out the latest issue of Figure Painter Magazine.
Yaah! Magazine #11 (Flying Pig Games)

‘Yaah! Magazine’ Issue Eleven Arrives in April

War and strategy gamers will be pleased to learn the next issue of Yaah! Magazine will arrive in April, from Flying Pig Games.
Irregular Magazine Volume Two #5

Download the Latest Digital Issue of ‘Irregular Magazine’ Free

Irregular Magazine has released their newest forty page issue in PDF as a free download.
Fangoria #238 (Cinestate)

‘Fangoria’ Magazine to Return from the Grave Following Cinestate Acquisition

Horror fans will be happy to know Fangoria Magazine will be making a return to provide you with all the film news, previews, reviews and other macabre goodness you came to love over the decades.
The Little Game Master Cover (Randall Hampton)

‘The Little Gamemaster’ Aims to Introduce Roleplaying to Youngsters

I stumbled across a fun looking storybook on Kickstarter aimed at introducing children to the wonderful world of fantasy roleplaying.
Casual Game Insider #22 (Casual Game Revolution)

The Winter Issue of ‘Casual Game Insider’ is Now Available

If you're a fan of lighter gaming fare then take heed, the winter 2018 issue of Casual Game Insider is now available!
Bloom County: Shenaniganary (IDW Publishing)

IDW to Publish Third Modern ‘Bloom County’ Collection in September

I have to say one of my constants in high school, and afterward, was picking up the Chicago Sun-Times and heading right to the comics to read the latest Bloom County.
Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations (Atomic Overland Press)

Ken Hite’s ‘Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations’ Travels Well Beyond Kickstarter...

Ten years ago Ken Hite put Atomic Overland Press on the map with his collection of Lovecraftian siteseeing pieces, Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales, and has now returned for a follow up volume.

Huge Savings at All DriveThru Sites Through Cyber Monday

Get out there and grab yourself some excellent holiday savings at all the DriveThru websites. DriveThruRPG, DriveThruComics, DriveThruCards, and DriveThruFiction all have thousands of PDFs deeply discounted through Cyber Monday.
Star Wars: Thrawn (Timothy Zahn)

Grand Admiral Thrawn Returns to Official ‘Star Wars’ Canon

The trailer and the premiere episode - shown at London's Star Wars Celebration - for the upcoming third season of Star Wars Rebels has revealed the return of one of the franchises' most popular villains, Grand Admiral Thrawn, to the official canon.


‘Kids on Bikes’ Deluxe Edition Reviewed on The Daily Dope for...

Today Jeff reviews the deluxe edition of the roleplaying game of small towns and big adventures, Kids on Bikes, from Hunters Entertainment and Renegade Game Studios. Plus the latest gaming news.