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Avatars for All at AEG

Alderac Entertainment Group has released the new Avatar Mini-Expansion for Thunderstone Advance in their online store. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up the promo cards during their pre-release event for TA, now you can get them for $9.99.

These Avatar cards add a new and exciting element to all Thunderstone gameplay. Do you prefer wizardry over thievery? Or maybe cracking skulls instead of mending them? Avatar cards represent you, the party leader, and the abilities you bring to the adventure. Each double-sided card features one class. One side is level 1. Once you level up, flip the card over for new abilities!

If you didn’t read our review of Thunderstone Advance yet, you should check it out to find out all of the great things you can expect from TA.

This 25 card mini-expansion contains:

  • 5 Fighter Avatar cards
  • 5 Cleric Avatar cards
  • 5 Ranger Avatar cards
  • 5 Thief Avatar cards
  • 5 Wizard Avatar cards

Get yours now!

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