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TGG Video: Exclusive First Look at Relic from Fantasy Flight Games

Today I ran into Anton Torres from Fantasy Flight Games at Games Workshop’s Games Day 2012. FFG had a booth set up and were running demos of the prototype of Relic, and we’ve got the first exclusive look at the game. I talk to Anton about Relic in the video, which seems to be a sort of Talisman hybrid set in the Warhammer 40k Universe.

There are a lot of components and cards, but the game was surprisingly easy to pick up. It really boils down to a roll and move game with tons of excitement and battling integrated into it. We played a few rounds and it was a good time. The photos are only from the prototype version, so don’t go thinking that this is the final product. Nevertheless, a fine time was had by all. Just take a look at all of the components in the the picture!

Relic is a board game in which two to four players each assume the role of a powerful hero from the Warhammer 40,000 universe and bravely venture forth to shield the Antian Sector from certain doom. By completing missions and defeating enemies, characters compete to gain rewards and experience, furthering their chance of being the first to defeat whatever evil lies beyond the Warp rift.

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