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Dragonlance at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment confirmed that Injustice: Gods Among Us, the new DC Comics fighting game from NetherRealm Studios, is scheduled to battle its way into retail stores worldwide April 2013 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Micro…
Are you a Bill Plympton fan? Here is your chance to look into the mind of this famous independent animator.When it comes to independent animators, Bill Plympton is the undisputed King. His illustrations have been featured in The New York Times, The Village Voice, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fai…
Soloman Kane comes to the big screen this September, but you can see him on the little screen on August 24th via video on demand. The creation of Robert E. Howard is played by James Purefoy and also stars Max von Sydow, Mackenzie Crook and Philip Winchester.CAPTAIN SOLOMON KANE is a brutally eff…
Jeff interviews Dominic McDowall-Thomas, the CEO of Cubicle 7, while Elliott mans the camera. Cubicle 7 is the purveyor of great RPG's including the Doctor Who RPG, The One Ring, and The Laundry. They also talk about the newly released Doctor Who Card Game, which was a big hit at the show.‘The D…
Up right now on Kickstarter is 3v3: The Commissioned Comic Card Game, a project by Darren J. Gendron.Darren has this to say about the game: Obsidian Abnormal is the creator of Commissioned, a madcap webcomic with zombies, gnomes, ninjas, cats and nerds. So when Obsidian and I decided to create …
Jeff and I had the opportunity to sit down and play the demo of Legendary, the upcoming Marvel Deck Building Game to be released by Upper Deck this November. Here in the video you'll get a chance to see the layout of the game, some of the wonderful original artwork on the cards, and watch us play a …
Coming to the CW this October 10th is Arrow, the new TV series based on the DC Comics Super Hero The Green Arrow. The series stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, Colin Donnell as Tommy, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance, David Ramsey as John Diggle, Willa Holland as Thea Queen, with Susanna Thompson as…
We attended the first Dungeons & Dragons keynote address last week at GenCon 2012. Some interesting announcements, big changes to the Forgotten Realms are coming, and D&D Next in 2014. A new series of novels are coming soon as The Sundering rips the Forgotten Realms.The video features so…
So I got this package in the mail from Fed Ex the other day. I wasn't expecting anything, and the box had "Perishable, Open Immediately" written on the side. I was of course curious, but a bit leery as well. Curiosity won out, so I opened it up.Inside was a cooler. Nothing else, just a white fab…
The Keep
People who like to bring plenty of games to their local gatherings find transporting all those boxes can be a pain. Ask our very own "King of Storage" Elliott Miller about his struggles sometime. Yet, those days may be over as the folks at Grumpy Owl Gamery (not sure why the owl is grumpy, but I dig…
Flsh Point Second Story
There's lots going on over at Indie Boards and Cards. First off, you can now pick up Flash Point: Fire Rescue at Barnes and Noble and the games new firefighter figures too. Plus, Target is testing Flash Point in about 75 stores. Congrats to IBC for hitting the mainstream chains.Plus there's new …
Revolution, a new show coming this fall on NBC has me intrigued. What would happen if all the electricity in the world suddenly stopped working? Well, you wouldn't be reading this for one thing. I'm wondering how all of the power could suddenly go out, and I guess that is one of the questions of the…
Peter Jackson has announced that that the upcoming adaptation of The Hobbit will now be three films instead of the originally planned two, but why? Read on gentle reader. From the post on WETA:Peter Jackson will make a third film in his upcoming adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s enduringly popular …
SolForge Logo
Earlier today Gary Games and legendary Magic: The Gathering creator, Richard Garfield, announced they had a new digital collectable card game up their sleeves and were taking the project, known as SolForge, to Kickstarter for funding. Gary Games has already ported it's best selling Ascension: Chroni…
We've gotten a first look at the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series that is now in production thanks to Zenescope's successful Kickstarter project.Grimm Fairy Tales has been the flagship series of Zenescope Entertainment since the company started. Zenescope Entertainment has grown to a top comic …
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