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Get the Original Car Wars Game, for a Buck!

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Remember way back in the day, when you would walk into your FLGS and see a rack of games in either ziplock bags or a small plastic box?  Back in 1987, Steve Jackson Games released Mini Car Wars, a pocket version of the game that had everything you needed to start your own “Mad Max: The Road Warrior” type battles.  SJ Games has scanned all of this, including rules, counters, and tracks, into a pdf format and released it on e23 for download at the very attractive price of $1.

For those of you not initiated into Car Wars, this is an excellent way to get your feet wet without breaking the bank.  I can recall many, many afternoons spent building cars, arming them, and proceeding to destroy each other in the little restaraunt across from Lane Tech High School.  Good Times. 

If you’ve never tried it before, give Car Wars a go.

Here’s what Steve Jackson Games had to say:

Finally, you can get a little Car Wars . . . specifically, Mini Car Wars via e23, a promotional product from 1987 that contained rules, counters, and road sections. Now, for just a buck, you can download a complete Car Wars game.

The PDF contains a scan of the original product, just as it was. However, the original printing was not on standard-sized paper, so we’ve included a couple extra scans of important counter sheets, reorientated to make printing easier.

It’s the perfect (virtual) stocking stuffer for the autodueling affciando on your list!



  1. This makes me wonder if Steve is going to finally see the light and look for a way to reinvent Car Wars for the 21st century. I’d love to see it done and just imagine if the company invested the same kind of resources into the new Car Wars as they do Munchkin!

    • There’s certainly a lot about the Car Wars franchise that would lend itself to how SJG marketed Munchkin lately.


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