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Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes Kickstarter

Less Than Two Weeks to Go for Evil Baby Orphanage on Kickstarter

Wyrd Miniatures is certainly living up to their name – minus the miniatures – with their current Kickstarter project: Evil Baby Orphanage. The title (of which just the name demands taking a peek) is being touted as a semi-educational game of time travel and abduction. The release is a quick, fun, communal deck party game for three or more players. Currently less than two weeks remain in the funding run and, although the project has reached over 200% of its goal, there’s still time to hop on board.

From Wyrd:

The world’s foremost time traveling facility for the preventive parenting of evil babies.

Tiny, terrible, and in serious need of redeeming. Welcome to Evil Baby Orphanage, the world’s foremost time travelling facility for the preventive parenting of Evil Babies.

Evil Baby Orphanage is a casual party game where players take up the role of Time-Nannies and compete to remove evil from the time stream. Babies like Genghis Khan, Josef Stalin, and Vlad Tepes are all up for grabs, and it is your job to wrangle and redeem them before they commit the heinous deeds for which they were destined.

To all of Nerdfighteria, we have done our very best with this wonderful and fun concept.

Evil Baby Orphanage is a card game for three or more players. Each player takes on the role of a Time-Nanny in an Evil Baby Orphanage, kidnapping villains throughout history and raising them to be accountants, ballerinas, or… something. Each player takes turns playing cards to help keep their Evil Babies from burning down their whole orphanage, and adopting more Evil Babies from the Time Stream.

Use good toys to keep Evil Babies from wreaking havoc, bad toys to encourage Evil Babies in other orphanages to cause a little trouble, and various Nanny actions to swap and adopt them as you try to keep the most evil out of the time stream.

The rules of play aren’t much more complicated than time travel … and that’s how we like em! After all, those Evil Babies will cause all the mischief for us!

The Evil Baby Orphanage card game includes a 50 card Baby Deck and a 75 card Nanny Deck.

Jeff McAleer

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