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Leviathans Take to the Air This September

We’re pleased to learn that Catalyst Game Labs is ready to bring it’s eagerly anticipated “battleships of the sky” miniatures game, Leviathans, to store shelves next month. Elliott and I have had the opportunity to see the demos at Origins and Gen Con and can easily say the ships do look impressive!

From Catalyst:

In 1878 the Polish genius Rynchowski isolated an electrical fluid with remarkable lifting capabilities. A single, pivotal event that would change the world.

The smartest military minds of the coming generation—Zeppelin, Jellico, Fisher and others—diverted their attention to the glorious new technological revolution and sea-going battleships were abandoned around the world. In their place, armored giants took to the skies.

In 1906, Great Britain launched the HMS Leviathan, the first of the “super air ships”, sparking an arms race around the world. By 1910 the most powerful nations boasted large High Fleets, and the start of small skirmishes left the world uneasy… Welcome to Leviathans!

Four separate releases will be available at launch:

The Core Game Box including eight semi-prepainted ships (four British and four French), rulebooks, recognition cards, maps, custom dice, and more!

Custom Dice Pack

British Fleet Box to add four more ships to your armada

French Fleet Box also with four new behemoths of the air

We did learn that the U.S. will be represented as most likely the fifth nation to later be added to the fray, following the Germans and Russians. I’d love to see what America’s Great White Fleet will look like for Leviathans!

You can learn more about Leviathans, and it’s development, at Monsters in the Sky.

Jeff McAleer

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