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Orbital Blues RPG Kickstarter Funds in First Four Hours

SoulMuppet launches a new Kickstarter

Orbital Blues (SoulMuppet Publishing)SoulMuppet Publishing has launched a crowdfunding project for a new SF space-western themed roleplaying game. In Orbital Blues, the players take on the roles of outlaws joined together to make their way through an uncaring universe. The project funded in four hours and you can reserve a copy of the 120 page book (plus stretch goals) in PDF for a $14.00 pledge or grab the hardcover for a $35.00 pledge through May 11th. Expected delivery is this August.

About the game:


An age of bounty hunters, vagrants and bleeding-heart outlaws.

This is the NEW REBEL ERA, and the only thing worth a damn is the sweat off your back, the bullet in your chamber and the fuel in your tank. The galaxy is a lawless expanse, known as the FRONTIER GALAXY, and you are an INTERSTELLAR OUTLAW. Together with YOUR SHIP and YOUR CREW you have to eke out a living in the Frontier Galaxy, and chase down the intergalactic dream of freedom and success.

ORBITAL BLUES is a new lo-fi space western roleplaying game from SoulMuppet Publishing, written by Sam Sleney & Zachary Cox.  A roleplaying love-letter to off-beat sci-fi, vintage music, and cooperative old-school styled roleplay, Orbital Blues allows you to play out rules-light tabletop adventures in the style of space westerns such as Cowboy Bebop, Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Stepping into the shoes of Interstellar Outlaws, players band together to form Crews, and navigate a hard-going, gig-economy living on the fringes of a space-faring society

Orbital Blues Art (SoulMuppet Publishing)Developed on the critically acclaimed rules-lite system of Best Left Buried, Orbital Blues uses a simple D6 based system with 3 basic stats – MUSCLE, GRIT, and SAVVY – to handle rolls and uncertainty – putting the narrative and relationships of the player characters at the heart of play without the baggage of hefty mechanics, classes or roles. 

In addition to the three core stats, characters also have GAMBITS, and TROUBLES. Gambits are a measure of a character’s special talents or unique abilities, whilst Troubles track the heartbreaks, set-backs and blues that Interstellar Outlaws gather around them on their adventures in a difficult universe.  With these simple values and a wealth of gambits and troubles in the core book, players can build a wide variety of unique, storied characters to explore the Frontier Galaxy. 

Working together, Crews generate a scrappy ship to call home, and must balance their Credits & Debts  in order to stay afloat. Whether it’s knowing how they’ll pay for a bowl of bell peppers and beef, or where they’ll find another clip for their 9mm, the session-by-session play of Orbital Blues is driven by  the rollercoaster lives of Interstellar Outlaws and the work they have to constantly seek out.

Whether it’s hauling salvage across back-water systems or getting boots on the ground sniffing out the Frontier Galaxy’s most dangerous bounties, the core book of Orbital Blues is brimming with generators, adventure hooks, play prompts and even a sand-box setting for storytellers to get memorable campaigns going, whilst player characters contend with their own interpersonal relationships and troubles. 

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