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Sedition Wars Explodes on Kickstarter

It isn’t too often we’re able to report a Kickstarter project quickly hitting over 600% of it’s funding goal but Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster, produced by Studio McVey and to be distributed by CoolMiniOrNot, is one of those projects! Sedition Wars still runs until June 30th and has already achieved over $136k in pledges. You’ll get to hear more about Sedition Wars in our upcoming Origins Extra focusing on CoolMiniOrNot later this week!

From Kickstarter:

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is a fast paced tactical miniatures game for two players, developed by Studio McVey and published by CoolMiniOrNot.

Survival horror at its finest, game play is fast and bloody – creating urgency and claustrophobic terror, as the Vanguard fight for their very lives against an unrelenting nightmare.

Battle for Alabaster is the first part in the Sedition Wars game experience. Future expansions will introduce exciting new factions, evocative settings and expand on the compelling storyline that guides the action. Once players have fought for control of Alabaster, they will want to continue the adventure in future episodes.

From the mind of industry legend Mike McVey, and created by the finest artists, miniatures sculptors and game designers, the contents and play materials of the game are of the highest quality.. Sedition Wars : Battle for Alabaster represents the best that miniatures gaming has to offer!

The game contains –

    50 highly detailed 28mm miniatures
    50 Scenic miniature bases
    5 double sided full colour expandable game boards
    60 page rules and scenario book
    Vanguard and Strain stat cards
    100+ full colour game counters

Check out the detail of these great models!

Important: figures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.   Made in plastic.

Vanguard miniatures

    Drone Tank (50mm base)
    Male Samaritan with Laser Rifles x 12
    Female Grenadier x 2
    Male Reaver Heavy x 2
    Female Lancer special x 2

Strain miniatures

    Phase 1 – 1  Big arm x 7
    Phase 1 – 2  Claw hand x 7
    Phase 2 – 1  Stalker x 4
    Phase 2 – 2  Quasimodo x 4
    Phase 3 – 1  Scythe Witch x 2
    Phase 3 – 1  Brimstone (50 mm base) x 2
    Phase 4       Grendlr (50mm base)
    Phase 5       Cthonian (50mm base)

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