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TGG Video: What’s Coming for Dungeons and Dragons – WOTC Keynote at Gen Con 2012

We attended the first Dungeons & Dragons keynote address last week at GenCon 2012. Some interesting announcements, big changes to the Forgotten Realms are coming, and D&D Next in 2014. A new series of novels are coming soon as The Sundering rips the Forgotten Realms.

The video features some of the highlights of the keynote with introductions from Peter Adkison: Owner of GenCon, Greg Leeds: President and CEO of Wizards of the Coast, and questions hosted by Kevin Kulp: Piratecat of ENWorld fame for Mike Mearls: Lead Designer for D&D, Jon Schindette: Senior Art Director, and Author Ed Greenwood: The creator of the Forgotten Realms.

Check out the highlights below and stay tuned for lots more from Gen Con 2012.

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