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Win a Copy of Wits and Wagers Party Edition!

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The good folks at Northstar Games have provided a pre-release copy of Wits and Wages Party Edition for us to give away to our readers/listeners, so we’re holding a contest. The contest begins right now, and will run for two weeks until Sunday July 22nd at Midnight. Remember, this is a pre-release copy, no one else can get it yet!

There are a couple of ways that you can enter:

Like the Gaming Gang on Facebook: Any new likes we get will be entered in the contest.

Or, review The Gaming Gang podcast on iTunes! Each reviewer will get 2 entries!

Or, you can send me an email at [email protected] with the subject “Wits and Wagers Party Contest”, and you will be entered in the contest.

So many ways to enter! We’ll draw a random winner from all the entries in two weeks. The winner will be shipped a their copy directly from Northstar Games.

The Party Edition of Wits and Wagers simplifies the classic game a bit by eliminating the odds payouts, to make it easier in a party atmosphere to keep the game rolling. The questions have been selected as they are lighter and more fun.

Plus, as a special promotion from Northstar Games, you can be immortalized by entering another contest they are running right now on the Wits and Wagers Facebook Page:

“Create a Wits & Wagers question (and answer) and post it as a comment. Your question might get printed in our Limited Edition question pack along with your Facebook name and profile picture. The best ones will go directly into the game and sold across the country, so get your friends involved and let us know which questions you like!

So visit their Wits and Wagers page and your question could end up in a future expansion!




  1. Elliot, thanks for running the contest! One thing your readers should know. If they enter our Facebook Wits & Wagers contest (also Say Anything and Crappy Birthday as well), they should mention The Gaming Gang sent them. That way if their question gets picked, The Gaming Gang will get credit as well!


  2. That’s right! I forgot about that. Thanks Luke!


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