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So I Got This Package in the Mail…

So I got this package in the mail from Fed Ex the other day. I wasn’t expecting anything, and the box had “Perishable, Open Immediately” written on the side. I was of course curious, but a bit leery as well. Curiosity won out, so I opened it up.

Inside was a cooler. Nothing else, just a white fabric cooler with the words “Human Organ For Transplant” written on it. There was also a tag that read “Jefferson Institute” clipped to it.

What would you do?

It wasn’t cold, or heavy, but I could feel that there was something in it. I’ll admit I was freaking out a bit. Not running around screaming or anything like that, but I was thinking “What the heck is this all about?”.

I finally opened it and inside was a nice book with the words “Coma 9/3/2012” on it. That is when I realized it was promotional materials for the movie “Coma” that will premiere on A&E on September 3rd. How cool is that? Now I not only have a bunch of promotional pictures for the upcoming two night event, but this great cooler I can carry around that says it is for “Organ Transplants”.

I was initially curious if there was any legal concerns with carrying around a cooler like that, but then I looked more closely at the bottom, which reads: “Warning Not for Transplanting Human Organs”. Oh well. I did get a good laugh out of it though.

I am looking forward to the movie, even if they hadn’t sent me some human organs. At the bottom of the post is the teaser trailer to get you in the mood for conspiracy. You can also check out for some neat teasers and get to see people trying to have fun and roleplay that this is all real, while other people assume everyone is all just dumb and need to be told that it is a TV show over and over again.

Here is the official info, then the teaser trailer:

An epic four-hour, two-night event from Ridley Scott and Tony Scott featuring a multiple Academy Award® and Emmy® Award-winning cast with Lauren Ambrose (“Six Feet Under”), Steven Pasquale (“Rescue Me”), Geena Davis, James Woods, Richard Dreyfuss and Ellen Burstyn. “COMA,” a modern day retelling of the bestselling novel by Robin Cook and based on the film by Michael Crichton, premieres on Labor Day, Monday, September 3rd and concludes on Tuesday, September 4th, airing at 9PM ET/PT on both nights.

COMA” also stars James Rebhorn (“Law & Order,” “White Collar”), Joe Morton (“The Good Wife”), Michael Weston (“House”) and Joseph Mazello (“The Pacific,” The Social Network). EmmyAward winner Mikael Salomon (“Band of Brothers”) directs the John J. McLaughlin (Black Swan) penned script.

From the team behind A&E’s Emmy-nominated miniseries “The Andromeda Strain,” and the hit drama series “The Good Wife,” “COMA” is a thriller about a medical student (Lauren Ambrose) who discovers that something sinister is going on in her hospital after routine procedures send more than a few seemingly healthy patients into comas on the operating table.

COMA” is produced by Sony Pictures Television for A&E Network. Executive producers are Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, David W. Zucker, Martin Erlichman and Mikael Salomon.

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  1. That is absolutely awesome, love me some viral marketing


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