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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Pathfinder Strength of Thousands

Humble Bundle currently has a fantastic money saving offer featuring Pathfinder and the Strength of Thousands adventure path.…
Sami shares her thoughts on the finale of the Pathfinder Strength of Thousands roleplaying adventure path, Shadows of the Ancients.…
Pathfinder AP #177: Burning Tundra (Paizo Inc)
This month brings a double dip of Pathfinder adventure path action as well as a new flip-map for the RPG from Paizo Inc.…
Pathfinder AP #176: Lost Mammoth Valley (Paizo Inc)
February 2022 sees plenty of Pathfinder excitement arriving from Paizo Inc, including two new adventure path chapters!…
Pathfinder AP #172: Secrets of the Temple-City (Paizo Inc)
Sami shares her thoughts on the Secrets of the Temple-City adventure for Pathfinder.…
Pathfinder Adventure Path #171: Hurricane's Howl (Paizo Inc)
The Strength of Thousands adventure path continues with Hurricane’s Howl, which sees player-characters step into their roles as teachers.…
Jeff shares a first look at the second chapter of the Pathfinder Strength of Thousands adventure path! Plus the latest tabletop gaming news and more!…
Pathfinder Adventure Path #169: Kindled Magic (Paizo Inc)
Sami shares her thoughts about the first chapter of a new Pathfinder RPG adventure path, Kindled Magic.…
Pathfinder Adventure Path #169: Kindled Magic (Paizo Inc)
July 2021 sees loads of Pathfinder and Starfinder RPG goodness - with a new PF adventure path kicking off and a standalone SF tale - hitting stores.…
Pathfinder: Strength of Thousands Cover Art (Paizo Inc)
Pathfinder: Strength of Thousands will take the player characters from students to teachers to guardians of the Magaambya magic school.…

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