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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Ron Lundeen

Pathfinder Broken Tusk Moon Review
Jeff shares his thoughts about the first chapter in the Quest for the Frozen Flame Pathfinder adventure path, Broken Tusk Moon, from Paizo Inc.…
Pathfinder: Night of the Gray Death (Paizo Inc)
Kevin takes on the stand-alone Pathfinder adventure Night of the Gray Death.…
Pathfinder Troubles in Otari (Paizo Inc)
Sami reviews the standalone Pathfinder adventure Troubles in Otari.…
Starfinder Planetfall Rev
Jeff tackles the first chapter in the new Horizons of the Vast Starfinder adventure path from Paizo Inc, Planetfall.…
Pathfinder: Night of the Gray Death (Paizo Inc)
Paizo Inc will be releasing a spooky standalone, high level Pathfinder adventure just in time for Halloween.…
Pathfinder Adventure Path #164: Hands of the Devil (Paizo Inc)
Sami shares her thoughts about the second part of the Abomination Vaults RPG adventure path; Hands of the Devil.…
Starfinder Adventure Path #35: Merchants of the Void (Paizo Inc)
Starfinder: Merchants of the Void is a solid follow-up to We’re No Heroes, delivering four connected mini adventures with great opportunity for roleplay.…
Starfinder Adventure Path #33: Dominion’s End (Paizo Inc)
Sami shares her thoughts about the conclusion to The Devastation Ark adventure path for Paizo Inc's Starfinder RPG.…

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