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Dragonlance at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Lights Out

TGG October Spooktacular 2022 EP 17 Lights Out: The Flame (1943)
Things are about to heat up so turn out the lights, sit back, and give a listen to The Flame on Lights Out as it aired on March 23rd, 1943.…
TGG Spooktacular 2021 Lights Out The Dream 1938
Boris Karloff may never have been better on radio than in The Dream on Lights Out.…
TGG Spooktacular 2021 Lights Out Death Robbery 1947
Tonight we'll hear the premiere episode of the extremely short 1947 revival of Light Out, Death Robbery starring Boris Karloff.…
TGG October Spooktacular 2021 Lights Out - Murder Castle
In Murder Castle, Arch Oboler takes on Chicago serial killer H.H. Holmes (aka Herman Webster Mudgett) although in the story his name is Henry Stewart.…
Halloween Spooktacular Knock at the Door
Anyone who has ever read, listened to, or watched something spooky know there's one crime the antagonist will never ever get away with: murder.…
Halloween Spooktacular Murder Castle
Today's Spooktacular entry is an especially interesting one as not only is the story pretty scary but it's also loosely based on fact.…
Halloween Spooktacular - Lights Out: The Word
In The Word, a couple sight see at the top of the Empire State Building only to find they may be the only remaining humans on Earth.…
Arch Oboler is certainly a go to name when it came to producing excellent horror/suspense shows. Lights Out! is surely my favorite Oboler creation and our Spooktacular offering tonight is one of the scariest of the series. In Valse Triste, a very human monster looks to prey upon two unsuspecting vac…
Tonight's Spooktacular program features the legendary horror icon Boris Karloff as he takes center stage in a Lights Out presentation.…
Lights Out: Death Robbery
Time for more Arch Oboler and Lights Out! During the 1930s, 40s, and 50s - in radio or film - if you wanted to scare the audience you gave Boris Karloff a call. I get a kick that by all accounts Karloff was the epitome of the quiet English gentleman (and a real pussy cat at that) yet he nearly alway…
Lights Out: Poltergeist
TGG’s October Spooktacular – Lights Out: ‘PoltergeistOnce again we’ll take a spin with Lights Out for some scary fun. You have to appreciate how most episodes of the series start out innocently enough and then begin to ramp up until it gives you a good sock at the end.I’d say it’s probably a…
One of the best of the early radio shows devoted to giving listeners the creeps was Lights Out. Although Inner Sanctum Mysteries gets a lot of credit as the scariest of the programs in the 1930s (mainly due to the creaking door sound effect which opened the show) for my money Lights Out leaves Inner…
As I mentioned in the latest notes, I'm a fan of old time radio shows (and new time audio shows too!) and every Friday I'm going to share a couple of programs for our visitors to enjoy. The main focus is on chills and thrills which I think might help gamers out there (those playing RPGs especially) …

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