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Dragonlance at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Thoughts and Ramblings

Thoughts About the Open Game License 1.1 Leak
Jeff shoots straight about the leaked Dungeons & Dragons OGL 1.1 and what it might mean if this is the direction Wizards of the Coast moves in.…
TGG December 2022 Announcement
Jeff shares an announcement about the future of The Gaming Gang.…
An update on Jeff's health and how things are going with his recovery from triple bypass surgery back on June 7th.…
Jeff Rush
I'm going to be undergoing either a triple or quadruple bypass on Monday. Obviously, you won't be seeing much new on the website until I get home.…
Jeff - Nov2017
I know quite a few of our regular visitors have been wondering why I've been so quiet the past three weeks and I thought it time to unveil what's been happening and what I've been working on.…
While thirteen is normally an unlucky number I think it's exactly the right tally when talking about spooky/horror roleplaying games.…
September TGG Patreon Giveaway
For September 2017 we have Patreon giveaways of Space Empires 4X and Tomb of Annihilation!…
Hayward California Mural
Once again I've got to hit the trail and drive to Hayward, CA so things will be pretty dead on the site until Friday July 6th; I've got to try and top off the old TGG coffers for our upcoming trips to San Diego Comic-Con and Gen Con.…
Stephen Buonocore Stronghold Games Origins 2017
Although I love to kid around and usually come across as a good natured goof in much of our TGG media, I always point out that I take my dealings with the public and people in the industries we cover very seriously.…
I'd have never guessed, as a goofy nine year old kid, how one afternoon in a movie theater would lead to a lifetime of fun and friendship.…
Colonial Gothic 3rd Edition Rulebook (Rogue Games)
Learn what's in the third edition of the Revolutionary War/Occult RPG Colonial Gothic.…
He Man Womun Haters Club
It might come as a surprise to some that last week’s announcement of the Gen Con featured industry presenters being comprised of a female majority has lead to overwrought hand ringing and blacklash across the internets.…
Chez Geeks (MTL Blog)
The latest business on the QQFL's hit list happens to be Chez Geeks, a Montreal based gaming store. Chez Geek co-owner Giancarlo Caltabiano reports he has received three notices from the QQFL stating the store will be fined if it continues to sell products which do not have French language equivalen…
Death to Brianna Tweets
Where is it guaranteed, in the constitution of whatever country you live, you’ll always be happy as a pig in shit? I’m guessing nowhere. Yet over the past few years seemingly every asshole with a keyboard carries on as if a writ from god came down with a predestined christening to supreme satisfacti…
Catalyst Game Labs' airborne battleship game Leviathans has been plagued with one problem after another.…

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