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Classic Dungeons & Dragons at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Thoughts and Ramblings

Car Wars Deluxe Edition
As reported during my interview with Andrew Hackard and Phil Reed of Steve Jackson Games, SJG is going to produce Car Wars next year. This was certainly a great thing to hear as I can say the title was one of the games Elliott, our friends, and I played quite a bit in high school. No word specifical…
[caption id="attachment_22887" align="alignright" width="300"] "Charlie" as Morrigan from the Dragon Age:Origins Series[/caption]          What is Cosplay you may ask ? Here's the literal definition. "…
ConsimWorld Expo 2012
Once again the annual ConsimWorld Expo took place in the Phoenix area and, luckily enough, I was able to travel over to check out the festivities. Organizer John Kranz did it again as, from my observations, it looked like this was the biggest Expo yet with somewhere in the vicinity of 250 attendees …
While camping out at our media table at Origins last weekend, playing an epic game of Twilight Struggle where I was thoroughly tromped by Jeff, we were approached by a gentleman who introduced himself as Christopher Badell, the Design Director from Greater Than Games, the makers of Sentinels of the …
Phoenix Comicon 2012
Once again I thought I’d lay out a few obvious, or at least obvious to me, thoughts about how to do your best to make your convention going experiences great for yourself and others since the con season is getting into swing. For the most part, these tidbits don’t require a whole lot of thought and …
Halo 4 Multiplayer Screen
This time, rather than reviewing a game, I thought it would be cathartic to rant about some of my intense hatred for online multiplayer & MMO's. Try to understand, I am fully aware of the appeal for these options in gaming, I just fail to see why most core gamers feel the need to be such douche …
Ah yes, the story of Tentacle Bento… I’m sure plenty of folks already know the story behind the successful funding run Soda Pop Miniatures put together on Kickstarter only to be followed by KS cancelling the project after receiving complaints from an ad hoc write in campaign due to the subject matte…
Autoduel Quarterly 3-1-2 from Jeff's Collection
Yes, Elliott and I have talked multiple times on the show how we'd love to see this return, as we played the original microgame release and everything after, and it appears Steve Jackson Games could be on the verge of dusting off Car Wars for a 21st century audience. As a way to blast the Ogre Desig…
I ran across Wasteland 2 on Kickstarter. This really is a sequel to the original Wasteland from Interplay I remember playing so long ago on my Commodore 64. Remember the classic line “Rabbit is reduced to a thin red paste”?It is coming back, and Kickstarter is here to help. Obviously, there are …
There's a lot going on in the video game industry right now. Multiple big budget releases, old school classic remakes in HD, teaser announcements for some really amazing franchises. Unfortunately none of that matters at the moment due to the rift that has been caused between the industry and the peo…
I think I’ll share the editorial posted two days ago by the video gaming review giant IGN’s PS3 editor, Colin Moriarty, before I move on to the bulk of my piece...Wow! Mighty interesting I’d say. In fact it’s interesting on so many levels… First, to have someone who is purportedly the editor …
Those who enjoy the generic GURPS role playing system from Steve Jackson Games, and who are fans of Robert E. Howard's world famous barbarian, are sure to be thrilled with the reprinting of the classic supplement and adventures arriving all month! Although they won't see an actual print version they…
An email came to my attention just recently letting me know on the 78th episode of Game On with Cody and John, hosts Cody Jones and John Richard announced they would be winding the show down over the next few months and Game On would be no more. It was pointed out to me in this email that I must sur…
Jeff tackles the edition of the classic Fletcher Pratt’s Naval Wargame.…
I thought I’d share some tips to jazz up your Mansions of Madness games. In reality, this applies to any game that comes with 20-30mm figures as well, such as Castle Ravenloft, Gears of War, DUST, and so forth.The miniatures pictured are from Elliott’s copy of Mansions of Madness, which he asked…

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